b'Believe deviancy. Believe polarising. Believe intrigue and agitation. Challenge group think and fuck the status quo. Believe sacrifice provides plenty. Believe paradigm shifts and splendid isolation. Ian Humphris Believe the FOMO, know its uncomfortable but complacency kills. Believe curating chaos and directing disorder. Believe scarcitys economics. Believe rational and utility. Believe rhymes not just reasons. Founder & CEO Believe what counts cant always be counted. Trust hate, dont trust Facebook. Believe binary. Believe the North Star make it a rock star. Believe benchmarking is bullshit.07788 727381Escape the echo chamber and tedious Russian Dolls.Unknow the enemy.Believe soldiers are brave.Believe brands arent. Believe creating monopolies and growing exponentially. Believe ambition. Believe a banging balance sheet. Believe camouflage. Wake upthe world and unhide. FFS.ian.h@nokamo.com Believe marketing. BelieveAIDA, the 4Ps and USPs. Believe Sharp, Ritson, Kotler. Believe great minds dont think alike. Believe not everyone will believe you. Believe when youreused to normal difference feels perverted. Know this is right. Know others willfollow. Know to believe in something. We believe in Conspicuous. You with us?'